Could I have Insomnia?

Nickiii Asked: Could I have Insomnia?

Well for a couple weeks now I've been finding it really difficult to go to sleep on a night, I go to bed usually at 12:30am so you'd think I'd be quite tired and that it would be easy for me to sleep and I try my best to get to sleep but I still find myself awake at around about 3am-4am or even later than that, I'm 15 so I'm still at school and have get up at around 7 o'clock to get ready so I don't really get a lot of sleep which isn't really healthy is it? When I finally get to sleep I sometimes wake up at around 2pm then fall back to sleep and wake back up at 4pm. Also this lack of sleep is making me miss school a little and my grades and effort levels are slowly going down so I'm getting in trouble with school and my parents.. So if you have any tips on helping me get a little more sleep it'd be quite helpful.


Landon Luver Answered:
It's possible, check with your doctor or parents.

Sleeping pills or cold medicine or benadryl could do the trick to knock you out.

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