Can you take ambien after a night of drinking?

Shane Asked: Can you take ambien after a night of drinking?

i had about 8 beers spread out in a 7 hour period.And its been an hour since my last beer.I NEED ambien to be able to sleep because I have horrible insomnia.I dont really feel tired but just a little burnt out from drinking all day.Is it okay to take my ambien tonight or would I get sick? (also i dont drink ever, it was my girlfriends 21st so i really dont know much about this)


slippped Answered:
heck no you're just a good old boy out to have some fun

Honoria Answered:
You're not a sociopath.You are, however, a very depressed young person who needs some help.Reacting the way you have is one way that you've learned to cope with the abuse you experienced.You can get help for that.You can learn other ways of coping.

You can also go back to school.Make getting through the next day a life goal.Then, make getting through the next week.Then, the next month.You'll be able to figure out what you want to do with your life.You don't have to decide today.

The fact that you're asking this question is very healthy.You're obviously very smart, or you wouldn't be able to look at yourself so objectively.Get some help from a counselor.If you can't afford one, find a place that gives free counseling.There are several out there.

Good luck to you.Remember, you're strong because you're fighting to stay alive, get healthy and gain control of your life.Keep it up!

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