Can the effects of chronic insomnia be reversed?

BANKY Asked: Can the effects of chronic insomnia be reversed?

I know I should ask a doctor which I prob will but..

I know sleep is important for pretty much everything that goes on in the body. And that if you go without sleep it has a bad effect on your health.

So if you had sleeping difficulties for 5-6 months is it possible to return to your old self (providing you're sleeping better)?


Suckafreebz Answered:
I have the same problem and yes it is I use an iPhone app that hypnotized me to sleep sounds dumb but really works

Dagrun Fett Mandalorian bounty hunter 2 Answered:
I'm still waiting.I haven't been taking sleep aids regularly for many months now.I still can't fall asleepMy doctor just gave me more Ambien.I don't know if I should take it or not.It's just sitting here.

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