can stress and anxiety, affect the way you feel for your partner?

Blank Asked: can stress and anxiety, affect the way you feel for your partner?

hi, i'm fifteen. i'll give you the background story first..
my boyfriend and i have been dating for just over two years. about three months ago my boyfriend told me he'd lost feelings for me, we broke up for a month and then he told me he missed me and had made a mistake. so we got back together. its been about two months back together. at first i was kinda questing my decision of getting back together, but then we just fit together. and it was wonderful.
he's the sweetest guy ever, he loves me so much i can see it. he's kind and funny, and he looks after me. and were perfect together, and we get along so well.

oh and on more piece of info, im ADHD so i have trouble concentrating, when i have exams i take concerta to help me concentrate. i dont take it very often cause it makes me feel sick. i have an anxiety disorder which affected me a lot as a child and i had to take the concerta all the time to feel "normal". but i learned to control it, because i'd be fine on the medication, but as soon as it wore off i'd have massive panic attacks because i couldnt control them.

so yeah, anyway, for the past twoweeks i've been having year 11 exams. and because i need to concentrate i've been taking the concerta again, which is affecting my sleeping and eating habits. and when the concerta wears off i dont feel very sociable or anything like that. exams have also made me very stressed, just its not very pronounced.
so the other night, maybe last thursday or wednesday i was lying in bed, and i was thinking wether i made the right decision getting back together with my boyfriend, it was completely out of the blue, and i got all panicy and anxious. i texted him asking him to call me, and we spoke, (i didnt tell him about what made me nervous, i just told him i was feeling nervous) and he made me feel better.
i kept getting anxious, but i thought 'im seeing him on friday, if i dont love him i'll be able to tell"
on friday i saw him and left fine, we went to a party and he took care of me after i'd had a bit to much to drink (which i never usually do) and yeah, the next morning i felt fine about him. completely and utterly fine.
but then on sunday he came over, while i was studying and i'd taken my concerta he chilled and waited while i studied, we watched a movie with my family and ate dinner and i was fine. but then when everyone went to bed and we went to my room i started feeling really anxious, and all these questioning thought about him ran through my mind, and i didnt want to tell him. he tried to get intimate but i was so panicked i said no. he cuddled me and i liked it, butthe feeling didnt go away. i thought it would have gone by morning but it was the first thing i felt when i woke up. we watched some funny videos together and i felt fine, but then it came back.
after i took my concerta thought, i felt fine, and didnt think about anything like that.

i spoke to my mom this morning, because i know she studied phsycology, she asked if i was still in love with him, i told her i think so, but i'm so anxious that i cant think straight, so i cant sort out my emotions. i told her that i still liked it when he held me, and that i dont want to break up with him, that i want to be with him. i even wanted to invite him over today. she said if i still want to be around him and everything and dont feel uncomfortable when he touches me than i'm probably still in love with him. she said im probably just stressed out from exams and the medications having a negative affect on me, she said i mustn't over think it, once exams are over we'll stop the concerta and things will level out, and then i'll know how i feel.

i was just wondering if any one actually know if stress can make you feel this way? can it make you question your love for someone? and make you feel confused?

i know its long, i'm very sorry. and if you take the time to read this i'm so grateful to you really.

thank you so much everyone.


lilly Answered:
People in Alaska do disappear, but the film was 100% fiction. It's is an entertaining movie.:-)

Epix Answered:
do yoga

rick hei Answered:
dude, i would suggest to meet a female psychatrist and ask her to brain wash u……

Pnmabc2yahoo Answered:
You have a mental illness so none of this is your fault.if you were coming on here sane i would be a little worried. Ive been around a lot of bipolar people and trust me you are not alone in this. They explode over nothing sometimes.all you can do really is take your medicine everyday.and everytime you thing of killing someone replace that negative thought with a positive one about what you like about them. Because of your illness you are not in control of your emotions so don't feel guilty about it.

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