Can I take a break from college?

EricsWifey2010 Asked: Can I take a break from college?

I'm a mother of four and have just found out that one of our children has ADD and another has ADHD. We have a 6 month old who has a sleep disorder and it is a very stressful time in our family life. I have 9 classes left to take before I graduate, however, because of the lack of time and the hectic pace of our life, my focus and grades are starting to drop. It is not for lack of trying, I have maintained a 4.0 for the majority of the time I've been in college. It's just too much right now and I feel like I'm losing it. I NEED a break or I'm going to lose my mind. I do not want to quit, I just need to take some time off.

My question is, can I take time off without having to start repaying the loans?I know I have six months after graduation before I have to start paying back but what if I just took a month or two off and then went back?

I took some time off before, just one class, when our daughter was born, but in order for financial aid to cover my tuition, I had to double up on my classes before the break so that I met the minimum credit hours.

Can anyone tell me how long I could take off (if I can) without having to first load up and do even more work than I am now?


Jerry Answered:
No, you'd better not.

disgruntledstudent Answered:
I think you could take an educational leave. That way you wouldn't have to start paying your loans. I'm not sure though. You might want to do your research.

NLNorth Answered:
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good luck!

PEGGY S Answered:
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eykc Answered:
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