Bf is leaving for 2 months and he refuses to..?

Shantelle Asked: Bf is leaving for 2 months and he refuses to..?

My bf is going back home to India with his family for 2 months. He's leaving tomorrow night. Originally, we were going to spend 2 hrs together tomorrow morning and say goodbye, but today I mentioned that I'm not ready to sleep with him for the first time before he leaves because I'm not comfortable doing so (anxiety disorder with pregnancy scares) and he gets annoyed. He texts me right now and he cancels for tomorrow saying he has to go to the temple with his mom, and can't find time to see me because he has to see his guy friends after. I'm literally begging him to make time and he's brushing me off, saying he "might make time" for me. Help? I feel so hurt. And I won't be able to see or speak to him for 2 months.


Hele Answered:
Well…if it wasn't obvious, he wants you in bed and is not too happy that you said no. This doesn't mean you should give in, it means you should ask yourself if he really cares about you. Talk to him about it. And stop begging, it doesn't look good.

cxbno1392 Answered:
i'm indian haha, and if he thinks he should have sex then you should, be protected, you brushed him off so its payback.

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