becoming a vegetarian or vegan?

Jess Asked: becoming a vegetarian or vegan?

my parents were both vegans but never let me be a vegan or vegetarian. as they both died i was thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan to follow in there footsteps. Ive asked my new parents about it and they said they are fine with me being any of them. But i was wondering if they are a safe thing to do. im 16 and suffer with sleep apnea. im not aware of becoming a vegan or vegetarian would make it worse in anyway but im not sure if becoming one of them is good for your health.
so if anyone knows please could you tell me abit about what you think would be best for me to do, vegetarian or vegan.
also if you know how any of them could effect your health please say as ive read a couple of articles where people have said they feel weaker and tired due to it,however ive read other things that have said its a really good thing and i don't no what to believe so any help would be nice. thank you xx 🙂


The librarian Answered:
I was with a vegetarian friend yesterday and she tells me that blood group has quite bit to do with whether or not a vegetarian/vegan diet will sustain your health.

Ideally, as a young person still developing, the wisest way to proceed would be with the advice and support of your doctor. I suspect they may not want to see you put yourself onto a restrictive diet at this stage in your life but a chat may help you decide what's right for you.

And, if you haven't done so already, please discuss the sleep apnea with your doctor as that's something that really needs your attention more urgently.

Good luck and good health to you :0)

Riah Answered:
I'ts perfectly healthy and safe to be vegan when your diet is well-planned! Meat eaters don't automatically get all the nutrients they need because of eating some meat or dairy either, so they need to plan their diet as well.
On the long term, a plant based diet is better for your organism since it reduces the risk of diabetes, hypertension as well as other chronic diseases, weight & LDL cholesterol levels etc
People feel tired because they don't get enough protein or other essential elements, since their menu is not well planned

Alex Answered:
Being vegetarian or vegan is no more or less healthy than not, it just depends on what you eat. The main risks with not eating meat are not getting enough protein or iron, but most meat eaters get far more than they need of this each day, just eat other foods with protein and iron in them (tofu, nuts, vegetables, beans, chic peas, hummus, eta mommies, etc.), it's easy to find a list of foods high in protein (and iron) online. And on a 2000 calorie diet you'll need about 50g of protein daily, keep track from food labels if you're concerned.
You might not get enough calcium without dairy products, but there is calcium in many things you wouldn't realize, and a cup of soy milk has just as much calcium as a cup of cow milk (it has a little more actually!).
It is no more or less healthy to be vegan or vegetarian or not, what matters is eating healthy foods and meeting your dietary needs.

Mary Jane Humes Answered:
Yipes, I am not a doctor nor have I ever played one on TV….. so with that disclaimer…. I would say to go either vegetarian or vegan. Personally I believe after the research that I have done is to take this one step farther and to go raw. All you have to do is to make sure that you will not be suffering from any nutritional deficiencies. My advice, try one either vegetarian, vegan or raw for a few months and see how you feel.One of the most popular questions is "Where do vegetarians get their protein?"My answer to you and to them is "The very same place where the cows who give us steak get it… from greens".Want a simple vegan protein shake recipe? Here it is and don't say "Yuck!" until you tried it and then you will probably love it!

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

large handful of baby spinachleaves (organic)
1 banana
1 cup grapes
1 cup pure water

Blend all in a blender until smooth and enjoy!

This will give you all kinds of nutrients including protein. It is raw and vegan.For more info about green smoothies just look that term up on the Internet.

By the way, I think it is super that you want to honor the memory of your parents by your eating choices. Good for you and best wishes.

I suggest you go vegan. The vegan diet is the most healthiest diet on Earth.

mermaid Answered:
If done properly vegan diets are the healthiest. Maybe you would find it easier to become vegetarian first and do plenty of research on the vegan lifestyle before eventually becoming vegan.

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