AveoTSD Stop Snoring Anti Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

aveosleep.ca The AveoTSD Tongue Stabilizing Device is a unique approach at treating snoring and mild sleep apnea. It works by retaining the tongue in a forward position with gentle suction. Unlike the Mandible Advancement Devices that pull your jaw forward bringing your tongue with it to open the airway in the soft palate, this device keeps your tongue forward with the help of it's rubber bumpers that rest on your outer upper and lower lip. Since your tongue will be sucked into the ball of this pacifier like device, your jaw will be open, leaving just enough airway to breathe. This is very useful for mouth breathers who's tongue relaxes to the back of the throat, creating that snore vibration sound which disrupts sleep. It is also very helpful for those who suffer from nasal disorders such as deviated septum, sinus polyps or flimsy nasal walls which is the reason most of us turn to breathing through our mouths in the first place. To be fair almost any invention used to stop snoring by either opening airways in the sinus or throat in my experience has been less than comfortable in general so amazingly this unit was easier to get used to. According to what I've read, this newest version of the AveoTSD is noticeably softer than previous versions. The medical grade silicone is very light and is unobtrusive. Unlike the original Tongue Retaining Device created in the early 80's, this unit eliminates the added mouthpiece of the original design making it a more simplistic. When I <b>…</b>