Army MEB for Sleep Apnea and PTSD?

Aj Asked: Army MEB for Sleep Apnea and PTSD?

Im 26 and have been in the Army about a yr now, since i got to my unit. I have had surgery on my left ankle and been labeled as possible PTSD and sleep Apnea i had a sleep atudy done they are putting me on a machine and said im almost severe. What will come of all this happening to me and if they MEB me how do i found out if i get anything, also the new tattoo Reg. will come into effect and i have them on my hands and arms, but had them before this Reg. is coming out. Any answers will help thanks


They will not MEB you unless you have been in Actual Combat…

They will give you an Involuntary Separation: Chapter 5-17
"Other Designated Physical or Mental Conditions"…
(Not amounting to an In-Service Disability…)
(Zero Benefits..No GI Bill or VA Medical)

Probably with an "Existed Prior To Entry Service" (EPES) notation…

You seem to be a TROLL…???
How old are you 12 ???
Doubt if you even made it past the Recruiter…

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