Are headaches, insomnia, and lack of appetite signs of depression?

Call me AJ Asked: Are headaches, insomnia, and lack of appetite signs of depression?

Yes they can all be signs of depression


Rose Answered:
yeah sure they are, and one must see a doctor

11UN Answered:
Your husband cheated on you, broke up with you, and then had the nerve to allow the other man to move in with you? For goodness sake, grow a pair!

Perhaps, the reason why you're stressed, and subsequently depressed, is because you allow others to walk all over you.

Have nothing to do with the twerp or his lover.

a positive guy Answered:
Wow, It seems you've been having one heck of a time…

I was in a similar situation a few years ago… I had a boyfriend and he then said he wanted to live with me but that he had met someone else and I just let them both live here with me… But honey, its not right… Its really not right… Do me a favor and maybe email me… Because I think you will need some help getting out of this situation… And Ive been there darling, I know! You dont have to, but it will help…

Think about it…

Scobill Answered:
Sorry but what they are doing is wrong . You and this guy are legally a couple and what he is doing is no different to a married hetero couple if the guy brings home a mistress to stay in the marital home
Sure partnerships break up , but at that stage both parties will go separate ways . You don't say who owns the house , but that needs to be sorted out , unless of course it is just rented . You need to go and find your own place and move on in life

Todd Answered:
Yeah sounds like you need to reevaluate your entire life, Start by gettingoff alcohol,If you own the house kick their sorry azzes out.. And get a new man,

GNerd2012 Answered:
That is where you and me are different because I would have threw Mark's stuff out of my apartment, and if I saw the homewrecker guy I probably would have assaulted him (but that's love for ya lol)

You definitley need to leave because those two are nothing but never-ending stress. If Mark has no respect for you to the point where he cheats on you, tells you, moves the guy into YOUR home, and starts ******* him, then he definitley needs to leave your life.Even if you were the reason the relationship failed, you definitley don't deserve this kind of treatment. When two people are in love they are suppose to work their problems out together (communicate), not resort to the immaturity I saw in this question. I'm not being judgemental of you two, but seriously, you need to get out of that situation.

Yuki Answered:
i applaud you for doing what you did in situations like this. You are a good man and dont let them take that away from you. You just have to move out as soon as possible. About being friends…hmmn i think its too early to say that. but i guess you really have to listen to your friends because somehow more than any of us here, they know more than we know. They are the 3rd persons perspective that you need.

Wow..just wow, im just amazed that a person like you still exists…good luck with your life man.

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