Ambien has no effect on me at all?

justin Asked: Ambien has no effect on me at all?

ok, so i have insomnia and i went to the doctor earlier this week and got a prescription for 10 mg ambien pills. the doctor told me to begin with taking only 5 mg (half a pill), so i did that, on a completely empty stomach, after not eating for 4 hours. i waited 20 minutes, nothing. then i took the other half and waited 20 minutes still nothing….. frustrated, i took another 10 mg pill, and waited half an hour, still nothing at all. by now i had taken 20 mg of ambien, and it is my first time using this medication, and i do not use any other benzodiazepines, nore do i drink alcohol. i thought to myself, why aren't i tripping balls now.. LOL. i got very hungry after this, probably because of the empty stomach. So i ate leftovers from dinner, wen to bed about 2 hours later, slept for 4 hours, and now im up again, still very tired but cannot get back to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Could it be because i bought the generic zolpidem and not the name brand ambien? (name brand ambien costs $2 per pill, generic costs $.01 so thats why).
Any help is much appreciated. :)


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