Am i crazy?? or just a teenager?

michaela mathis Asked: Am i crazy?? or just a teenager?

So can anyone explain what this is? I've tried some websites but whatever.So I have cut on and off for 4 yrs.I started when I was 11 and I turn 15 in this february.I'm always tired, some nights I am so exhausted but I just can't sleep I sit there and stare at the ceiling fan until I get dizzy..I have recently started getting really moody.In about 10 minutes I can go from laughing with my friends and then I'm sitting in a corner wishing I was at home so I could cut.The websites told me to find my 'trigger'–what sets me off? Well I don't know.Usually its my mum, but sometimes I just don't feel like being happy.I used to think I was depressed but these mood swings make me wonder.I'm also very anxious.I'll be sitting in class and I just start freaking out.Someone will say about cutting a piece of paper and I get shakey.I start thinking that they mean something by it.I feel like everyone knows that I cut even though in the past 4 years only one teacher and 5 of my best friends know.4 of whom have also cut before.They all outgrew it though.I will hear an announcement in school and when they list off names, I freak out that they're calling me to the office.I don't want to get caught.If I do I'll be sent to an asylum.My mum will have me locked up.My step mum will be so disappointed…can anyone please tell me what they think? Am I crazy? Depressed, anxiety? I have also sufeered an eating disorder and my great uncle suffers from schizaphranic paranoia.


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