Am I Bipolar??????????

Samantha Asked: Am I Bipolar??????????

I've done a lot of research about bipolar disorder but I still don't know enough to know I'm Bipolar. I did have some of the symptoms of it though.

Like the fact that every school night I only get four and a half hours of sleep (go to bed at 2:00,wake up at 6:30) and I am still wide awake and extremely hyper. I also feel like I'm more than just a regular person, kind of like I'm part of something big. I have a very low attention span and I get irritated way too easily.

At school, my friends get very annoyed at how hyper I am and they usually tell me to calm down. At home, my sister usually irritates me and I lash out and slap her. My parents usually don't take me out to restaurants anymore because we usually have to wait in a long lineup and I always complain and say horrible things about the restaurant out loud so the people that work there can hear.

if I am bipolar, what type of bipolar disorder do I have? If it matters,(which it probably will) I'm twelve years old. Should I go to the doctors and get tested? Thank you for reading….


Stephen Answered:
Your only disorder is that you're twelve years old. There's nothing wrong with you, teens and preteens always have odd behaviors that they eventually grow out of. You're perfectly normal for your age.

Monica Mellish Answered:
Look into your diet.Sleep habits play a part.take vitamins.Drink lots of water.

Zeke Answered:
Well first you need to talk to a psychiatrist.Don't attempt to make your own diagnosis, they don't even allow qualified professionals to make diagnosis on themselves.But a big part of bipolar which you didn't talk about is depression.You are 12 and it is naturally a very emotional time in life.You really need a very good qualified individual to help make a diagnosis.The first question is, is what you are experiencing making everyday life difficult for you?If yes, then you really need to see someone.Your quality of life is the most important.The second question is, is what you are experiencing making relationships with friends and family very difficult or are they just somewhat bothered?If it is making relationships with both friends and family very difficult there may be something there.If its just a few people, then you need a few new friends who like you for who you are.But it never hurts to talk to a professional.Teen years are stressful on everyone.NO exceptions.Having someone to talk to, listen to you, and give good feedback is never a bad thing.Best of luck.

I love you Answered:
It doesn't seem like it to me. You only have a couple symptoms and those that you have can be a result of many different things including the fact that you're a 12 year old. It could be your natural personality even. Don't diagnose yourself based on things you have googled. If you're worried about it then ask your mom or dad to take you to the Dr to be checked out.

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