Am I a slow reader (Stephen King fans)?

Abudabi Asked: Am I a slow reader (Stephen King fans)?

I started reading Insomnia by Stephen King on February 19 and it is now March 8 and Im only on page 539 out of 787, I'm 14 years old, am I fast, slow, avergage, what


Graeme Answered:

Jake Answered:

Douglas Answered:
Not at all. You're an average reader.

NekoBus Answered:
Average.That's a pretty long book, I'm sure it would take me that long to get that far and I'm average.Don't worry about it.

Theresa Answered:
no offense, but yes. i could finish an 800 page book in about less than a week. i'm sorry if i sound like i'm bragging but i'm only 11

Liz Answered:
I can't even remember anything about that one, and I've got all his books. I didn't like it, because it's not his usual brilliant stuff. I think you must be average. If a book is really good, you read faster. My favourite one is 'The Stand.' Don't continue with a book if you don't like it,it is not compulsory!

Mickey Answered:
the only way to answer that is knowing how long each day you have to sit and read. If you are reading a 1/2 hour each day you are averaging a page a minute. I think that is pretty good for your age. No matter what, it doesn't matter how fast you read as long as you can enjoy it.

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