about my size, i worry for my health ?

Sarah Asked: about my size, i worry for my health ?

i had a baby aged 16, before i even got pregnant i was always a healthy size 9stone and a bit, i looked normal , but from delivery of my baby i plummeted to 7st well from what i remember ,and didn't eat at all for around 6 months the only thing i ate was lettuce !, my bowel movement was once a week , sometimes not even that and my periods stopped for around 3 month-ish, then i started eating one slice of toast a day & ate lettuce like apples (one of my cravings) i did that until my child was 1yr old, but my weight was still small and i looked terrible (litterally a bag of bones), it took me a while to start feeling hungry (the reason i didn't eat,i was the sort of person to not eat for the sake of it), only last year i started eating properly, well i snack more than meals, im now nearly 20 &i vary, every time i weigh myself im between 8st 2 & 8st 6, no matter how much i eat i can not get over that mark, i keep losing more than i gain, i would really like to get to 9 st, i know im not far off but in myself i look terrible, i look like some sort of drug addict also my height, i am 5ft, 2inches, people tell me, because i lost so much weight and didn't eat for ages that it will have stunt my growth – which i can't see because anyone can put weight on and i think its slightly bazere !, i hear all about the dieting advice etc, but i would like a little help to put something on as im a little affraid for my main health,
usually this kind of thing wouldnt bother me, im not too much on appearences but its my health and i dont want my little girl to start picking up my behaivour of just snacking and not eating main meals, sometimes i go a few days with just eating a few bits,but i dont realise till i get in bed , & think' god i cannot sleep, ive not eaten anything today, going to have to make something to eat'

i wouldn't like judgements, i wouldn't judge any one for this !
just people with the same problems, or maybe someone who also lost there apetite through pregnancy or after delivery, i never put it down to any eating disorder, i have all my life, been on and off with food, never made my self sick or anything of the sort , i know you dont have to make your self sick to have a disorder but i can't see me having one

any weight gaining tips please,


Zombie Bacon Answered:

Goddess ISIS Answered:
are you doing any workouts? you could be overworking your body and causing it to eat itself for nourishment. you need to eat a healthy balanced diet. eat a good solid protien filled breakfast within an hour of waking up. i know its difficut to plan meals around a child but it is possible. eat a light lunch of like a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, bell pepers, carrots, croutons, sunflower seeds and full fat dressing. no light or fat free crap. if you want to gain some weight it wont help. for dinner eat protien and carbs and veggies. snack in between meals too. healthy snacks like apples, carrots, a bowl of baked chips. all of this is a healthy way to gain weight. dont go crazy and start eating just starches and grease and fat. that will make you gain weight but you will become even more unhealthy. if you dont want your daughter to pick up your poor eating habits then you have to work to change them. and make sure you give your daughter meals every day and not just snacks. teach her by doing. also do some light workouts that build muscle. lift some light weights. dont work on losing weight. so dont burn more calories then you put in. just work on toning muscle and building it up. that will also give you more weight as well as making you stronger and able to run after your daughter with no problems. dont do a lot of cardio. do some to maintain weight but mostly focus on strength building workouts.
if you would like helping building a diet plan ive studied nutrition and health and fitness for 11 years and i can help you make a healthy diet. email me from my profile.

ZZ Answered:
You are not happy with your weight….. there are so many mothers / women / men …people that feel the same.

I think it's because you are not settled…

Think about it… all kinds of people in all shapes and sizes are happy and care free.

It's not just about your body shape, it's about enjoying what you can in your life…. feeling good!

Do you think sharing a mealtime routine would help?Like … you give your baby breakfast …why not share the healthy food with them… so you both have a bowl of porridge, or egg and bacon (or sausage).

Share a table with the healthy lunch you give your child.like salad, quiche, and olives.

Snuggle up together with an evening meal of bolognaise, roast, or curry.

I know 'baby food' can be convenient, but really it separates the kids meals from yours.Back in the day, the baby, got bits and pieces from The Family meal…ie …what you are eating.So they had a plate of 'mashed stuff with gravy'.

If you plan meals for your kids health… and share it with them… You'll both be nourished.

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