A week without sleep? Insomnia? please help!?

Wyntir Asked: A week without sleep? Insomnia? please help!?

I got sick a few months ago. Ever since I havent been sleeping much. This past week, I have not slept at all! I'm worried. I've been to a doctor, he said everything with me is normal. I'm only 13. I KNOW this is not healthy despite what the doctor said! He won't give me sleeping pills because every pill I've tried, the side effects only worsen. For about 6 months, I've been getting only 5 hours of sleep a night. Today is the longest I've gone, a whole week! This is NOT healthy. Any ideas what's wrong? Could it be insomnia? Please help! And no, I do not useenergy drinks, I take in almost no caffine throughout the day, if I do, it's at least 4 hours before bedtime.


The Researcher Answered:
Um that's super sucky but yeah probably stress and insomnia

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