9 year old litigation for a car accident?

KELLY M Asked: 9 year old litigation for a car accident?

I was a passenger in a car accident 9 years ago.i hired a lawyer two and half years after the accident because I wanted physio again, when I realized the pain still wasn't going away and it was aggrevating my seizure disorder.(siezure originated from me tripping and splitting my chin, nothing major that time either)The mediation keeps getting put over because I am on and off work so it is hard to determine my economic loss.I have had the same job the whole time, just am off a lot due to pain and my seizures that the pain aggrevates.
It was a minor car accident, side swiped by an idiot on her cell phone, who ran a red while driving without a license.The cop issued a bunch of fines and charges to her, then plead her out to pretty much nothing without talking to us.
My lawyer says it is going to be hard to prove as the accident was minor yet here I am 9 years later still in pain, with fibromylgia on top of it.
I think if justice was true I could just hit her with a 2 by 4 in the back every morning and tell her…"there now go enjoy your day"but I can't.I have no idea why I am still in so much pain, I just am.
I have no idea why it caused my seizures to return they just did and won't go away.My siezure doc figures the lack of sleep from pain and stress from it triggers my siezures.Stuff happens I guess.
So now I have to decide if I want to wait and put off mediation or get on with it.I think my lawyer should just base it on the fact that I am off work as much as I am on.I know eventually I may not be able to work again at all, I am getting tired of trying so hard to stay at work and failing when the pain cripples me or knocks me into a fibro flare or bout of seizures.
To me it isn't about the money, it is about justice.Well, granted my family has had some struggles courtesy of this but life goes on.I wanted her to know what her stupidity caused.
I just want it over with.Should I put it off or what?Should I tell my work the truth, I can't sustain the full time hours or keep trying to reach a goal I am no longer able to achieve.
I have had to fight to keep my job because of all of this.I am spent.But ending the law suit does not change the fact that my back hurts, does it.
I am at a cross roads and so tired of all of this, I do not know which is the right way.


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